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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Best 100m Dash Spikes For The 2016 Season

The 100m dash is a pure-speed event that requires pure sprinting spikes.

You can still use middle-distance spikes if you're a fast middle-distance runner who has to run the event once, but if you're planning on specializing in the 100 dash you should get spikes specifically for it.

Most of the shoes on our sprint spikes page should work, but if you're interested in our top 3 picks for the price then stay here!

What To Look For In 100 Dash Spikes

This event is an all out sprint so you should be running on the front of your foot or your toes for all of it.

Any spikes that have a lot of support on the heel are completely useless for 100 dash runners as they just add on extra weight without any use.

The spikes should also be as light as possible. Imagine running with 1 pound shoes on your feet.

Now imagine running with 1 ounce shoes on your feet.

Which run would be faster?

The difference between most spikes isn't as pronounced, but for an event where the winner can be determined by 1/10th of a second every small advantage helps.

Usually the more pin-holes the shoes have the better, but don't get carried away and think that if a shoe has 10 pin-holes you'll run much faster than the guy next to you.

The traction difference between 7-spike and 10-spike shoes is insignificant.

Best 100m Spikes

New Balance MSD400V2
New Balance MSD400V2

New Balance MMD500
New Balance MMD500

Puma Complete TFX Sprint 3
Puma Complete TFX Sprint 3


If you're a serious sprinter then the MSD400s are the best for you.

They're the lightest, have the least heel support, and have plenty of pin holes to get traction on the track.

If you don't have enough money for the 400s then the MMD500s should be your second option.

They're also very light and they provide amazing value for the money.

The Pumas should be your last resort option as they're the cheapest, but also the worst out of the 3.

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